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Val d’Oise, a trusted territory

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A sovereign data center

A Data Center covering 6 000 m2  will be commissioned in Val d’Oise. It is intended for data backup for companies and higher institutions that need to know the location of their data. As a bonus, the use of water from the Oise to cool equipment makes it possible to benefit from the “Green Computing” label.

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The Numeric Lab,

Located in Enghien-les-Bains, this business incubator welcomes and supports innovative start-ups in the field of digital, creative and cultural industries. It allows them to develop prototypes  and  new  digital  uses  (smart furniture, applications, connected objects, creative software, robotics, etc.).

Futur.e.s,  Paris, a festival created by Cap Digital, illustrates the societal and environ- mental challenges of the digital world.

Paris Cyber Week, a forum that brings together digital players around industrial sectors.

The digital factory of Enghien-les- Bains and its digital lab offer entrepreneurs a framework and conditions conducive to the development and sustainability of their projects.

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Spotlight  on this sector

Digital is a rapidly growing sector of excellence. It gathers in Val d’Oise nearly 600 companies and laboratories with excellent reputations. It is divided into six categories: the digital industry (manufacturing of computer products), distribution, telecommunications services, computer services, hosting services, programming and development. The sector is strengthening its investments into inno- vation, especially via artificial intelligence (AI).

One of the digital hubs of the Val d’Oise region is concentrated on the banks of the Seine river near Paris-La Défense around the following companies:

>Atos, worldwide leader in digital trans- formation, number one in Europe in the Cloud, cybersecurity and supercomputers. It provides integrated orchestrated hybrid Cloud solutions for big data and business applications and connected work environments.

>Dell-EMC, Data center offers physical and virtual storage solutions (data center, server, infrastructure networks hyper- convergent security, protection & storage of data), video equipment and conference rooms.

>Sophos, Sophos, world leader in security networks and End point systems, defends independent and in-depth testing of cybersecurity products. It offers solutions and products against sophisticated threats and risks of loss of data.

The agglomeration of Cergy-Pontoise has another cluster of digital companies:

>Thales Training & Simulation is a subsidiary of Thales Group, (specializing in aerospace, defense, security and land transportation). This subsidiary designs simulation tools and solutions, both virtual and constructive, for civilian and military applications.

>Idemia, world leader in biometrics and payment solutions, develops its products and its solutions in the biometric enrollment of customers on sites, in secure mobile transactions, the Internet of objects, authen- tications and transactions. The R&D center and design office of Idemia in Cergy- Pontoise is specialized in biometric tech- nology tools with fingerprint recognition (digital, veins, palm, iris and facial) as well as in the detection and recognition of substances.

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